Wholesale Coffee Supply



Imagine ending every customers meal with a one of a kind signature coffee blend, created for your restaurant and your restaurant only. The perfect conversation piece to end the perfect meal. Enter the Coffee Exchange, we are a micro coffee roaster based in Kyalami, Johannesburg. We combine a love for coffee with an intimate knowledge about coffee roasting and drink preparation. What separates us from the competition is our progressive mind-set towards coffee sales in a restaurant environment. While some in the industry view coffee sales as merely incidental to food sales, we believe it is so much more. Coffee is almost always the last interaction a customer has with your restaurant, and is the final opportunity to create that lasting impression that along with the meal, will bring them back time and time again. Further than this it is also a great opportunity for management to engage with customers about how they enjoyed the meal, and to check that everything was to their expectations. We believe this is also the perfect moment to wow customers by serving a truly amazing cup of coffee, and share with them that the blend of coffee is the signature blend for your restaurant. Created to perfectly complement your menu offering.
At the Coffee Exchange we will work with individual restaurants in:

  1. Creating your unique blend by assessing your menu as well as offering a variety of coffees to taste for your approval.
  2. Once a blend is created, to “lock” that recipe away and not sell this blend to any other establishment.
  3. We can even go so far as to brand the coffee for resale in your restaurant as an extra revenue source.
  4. We will offer full training to all Barista staff to ensure that all coffee is prepared to the highest quality standards.

We can offer all of the above at competitive prices based on volume and branding requirements. We offer a bespoke service for the discerning restaurant customer. Please get in touch with us to discuss our full service offering.


We provide a full coffee service for your office. This includes:

  • Supply of our premium coffee beans
  • Equipment
  • Machine setup and maintenance
  • Barista Training



Our passion is coffee and we would like to share that passion with our clients. We like to give insight into where our coffees come from all the way through the roasting process to your cup. Barista training is one of our top priorities. When trained by us, your customers will always return to taste the best cup of coffee they have ever had. We offer a short course on site, using your own equipment, as a complimentary service when you use our coffee. We also offer a more in depth half day training session at our offices which covers the history of coffee, the processes that it goes through to get to the cup and the art of making the perfect cappuccino.

Machine Cleaning and support

It is very important to keep your equipment clean and serviced. This will ensure that the flavour of your coffee always comes out at its best. This is no easy job and we are there to help you every step of the way.



We have a Mobile Café geared to be able to provide premium espresso based drinks for any occasion. Whether it be an outdoor festival or office function we are able to setup our mobile café at your premises and provide a range of drinks for your customers.